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Here at Blue Ridge Camping & Hiking you will find a fantastic selection of outdoor backpacks. A quality pack is the first step toward being prepared for anything in the great outdoors, which is why we have such a wide variety to choose from. Shop backpacks, hydration packs and daypacks for hiking, backpacking and all of your other outdoor activities. When you are ready to carry all of your gear with you, shop through our selection of backpacks to find the one that is right for your body and your adventure. A daytrip calls for a daypack, and we have a fantastic selection for you to choose from, from brands like NcStar, Chinook, Tenzing and more. Equip your bag with a hydration pouch for the convenience of water on the go.

When you are shopping for a new pack, it’s important to consider the supplies you will be carrying to make sure you have the right equipment for the adventure. Whether you will be walking for a few hours or backpacking for a few days, you can find great options to get you outside and moving. We are committed to bringing you quality outdoor camping and hiking gear so that you can strike out into the wilderness with confidence in your equipment. Shop through all of our categories to find the supplies you need, including apparel, sleeping bags, first aid and more. Find tents like the Chinook Whirlwind, the Alps Mountaineering Mystique Tent and more. Browse through survival first aid supplies, including the Ultimate Survival Technologies blister kit, snake bit kits and more.